Automatic Labeling Machine

This machine delivers label, gummed with resinous glue, from turret to vacuum belt and from belt to the bottle surface. It is possible to quickly exchange different bottle and label sizes with ease. It is simple in operation, neat, easy to clean up and suitable for round container labeling applications in industries, such as chemical, pharmaceutical, food, winery, etc.

It is especially designed for round container labeling applications.

Functional Features

Fast change over to other bottle sizes by replacing of label turret and vacuum belt system

Precise positioning & minimum malfunction by screw feeding system

High accuracy rate of labeling by vacuum belt label transport

No-bottle-No-Labeling by photoelectric detection

Freedom in motor speed adjustment by inverter

Suitable for independent operation, also possible for connection with line operation

Vacuum adherence

The label is hold-up on its back side by a blower/vacuum system and is precisely and smoothly. Pressed on bottle. Standard no-bottle-no-label mechanism is ensured with a photo sensor control.


It is in a simple design for ease of operation, cleaning and maintenance.