Automatic Powder Filling And Cap Sealing Machine

This is a type of machine which is able to fill powder into bottle and to seal cap of the bottle. It is using the single piece machined rotating auger for filling of powder material into a container and subsequently at the capping station applying cap sealing operation. Good in looking. No powder spillage. Minimal damage to caps, meeting cGMP requirement are some of the features. It is suitable for western medicine powder, coffee powder, etc.

This machine is able to fill powder into bottles and seal caps of the bottles. It is suitable for powder materials such as granules, powder, chemicals, Chinese&Western medicine powder, coffee powder, etc.

Powder filling

The machine is equipped with dust detraction device to free machine from damages due to powder contamination. The stainless steel material hopper is esy to clean. Which minimizes cross-contamination


Theauger is single-piece machined for precision. Adopting auger for precise filling volume, filling is kept within +/- 1-3% weight variation, depending on powder physical characteristics. With a stirrer rotating in the material hopper, it ensures a smoother and more precise filling operation

Roll-on cap sealing

The sealing head is a sealing roller design, possible for adjustment of cap sealing tightness without affecting smooth appearance of caps It is easy in bottle size chnge-over for different bottle cap sizes.

Screw-Tight cap sealing

By using a mechanical arm to pick up the cap, place it under sealing head, precisely place it on top of bottle b the sealing head, this process. Ensures a very smooth and exact sealing operation. The sealing head is slso equippe with adjustable torque as needed for individual cap & bottle, in addition to d tension absorbing mechanism to extend sealing durability. It is easy in bottle size change-over for different bottle cap sizes.